Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kobe Leads the Lakers To Best Start Since 2001

The Lakers almost earned their first loss last night, however it was not meant to be. They took Dallas to school in the 4th quarter and that pushed their record all the way to 6-0. This is an excellent start for the Lakers as they are positioning themselves to be the force to contend with in the West

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Top 10 Reasons Why The Lakers Will Fail This Year

#1 Kobe Bryant - As much as the "Black Mamba" has changed, he is only a few shots away from returning to not trusting his team mates and putting it all on his back. Kobe is good, but he ain't no Michael Jordan.

#2 Andrew Bynum - After last years defeat, everyone was Andrew's nuts saying it was because of him they lost. He is not the second coming of Shaq and throughout the season he will become exposed.

#3 Defense - Even though they are trying to get more defensive, the Lakers won't have suffocating D. You have mr Softie Gasol at the 4 and he will continue to get abused on a daily.

#4 Lakers Suck - The fact that the Lakers suck is proof enough why the will fail miserably.

#5 The West is Strong - Yea they came out on top last year, but Huston and the Suns can be considered in the mix. They will make the playoffs, but what damage they do is yet to be seen.

#6 Injuries - This can decimate any team and the Lakers are being a few injuries away from being sucky.

#7 The zen master - His elite coaching style is no more. It was partly Phil Jackson's fault why the Lakers played so horribly in the season. His questionable moves will mean no finals win for them.

#8 No Shaq - As much as Laker fans hate him now, Shaq was the reason why the Lakers won, not Kobe. If it wasn't for him, Kobe would not have any rings. The big Shaq-fu is now gonna make the Lakers pay.

#9 The fake MVP - Kobe should not have won the MVP last year and as a result of this the Hornets and Chris Paul are gonna take revenge. They gon tear the Lakers @ss up.

#10 Lakers suck - The plain fact is that the Lakers suck booty
Lakers Win Their 4 Games Already

So I guess the Lakers have gotten off to a good start!!! This wont last for long though, I predict that they will got 4-78. Laker fans enjoy what is going on right now and enjoy. It wont last long. Andrew Bynum is not the savior.

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Kobe Promotes His Crappy Hyper Dunks

Can you believe this crap. First of all his shoes are butt ugly, secondly what was he trying to prove by jumping over a kiddie pool of snakes. Not only did the jump look utterly crappy and fake, but I bet those snakes were nothing but grass eaters. Kobe didn't even have the balls to do it in real life, he takes an L for that.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Where Did Gasoft Go?

Pau Gasol has a new name and that is Gasoft. The 08 NBA finals proved that he is soft like tissue paper. This guy was unable to deliver the goods when it mattered most. He got abused by Garnett, Perkins and even Big Baby. His disappearing act was part of the reason the Lakers lost. He is the definition of a soft Euro. It will be interesting to see him get abused even more this season.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Kobe Talk About His Loss to the Celtics

Monday, September 08, 2008

Lakers Sucks Returns For the 08-09 Season

Welcome back to the number one blog that will enjoy the fact that the lakers suck. Here fellow Laker haters will take pride and joy in seeing the disgusting Fakers lose and lose.

We will attempt to cover everything the Lakers do and laugh when they fail miserably. So sit back and enjoy the highlight moments of laker suckingdom.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lakers on Their Way To A 1-81 Record

So the Los Angeles Lakers pulled off a momentous win in the 2006-2007 NBA Season. They won their 1st game 114-106 over the Phoenix Suns. That is all good and dandy as their end of season record shall be the lovely 1-81.

Lamar Odom had 34,13 & 6. Pretty impressive and no venomous hate will spew for your Odom. Since your on my fantasy team, then your ok in my book.
The season is young, the hate will flow. Lets go Fakers!!! Lets Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I truly hate the Los Angeles Lakers. With the NBA season about to start, my hate needs to be switched into overdrive. I hate the Lakers the same way Jack Nicholson bleeds the purple and gold.